Who is Khadyjah Fhatyah?

4:00 pm

Do you guys know who is Khadyjah Fhatyah? Let me introduce for you, she is a blogger, a youtuber & a proud muslimah.

Yeah i must admit , I love the way she style herself and the way she act.

who knows one day, I can meet with Khadyjah Fhatyah. I'm pretty sure she must be prettier than her looks in the picture. 
Dont forget to visit her blog http://k-fhatyah.blogspot.com/

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12 komen

  1. aahlah.. comelnye die.. Harap2 akak dpt bertentang mata dgn dia.. Gud luck! =D

  2. dia mmg comel. hehehe. selalu jgk stalk dia ni. :D

  3. berkenan plak nak kenal dgn khadyjah fhatyah ni XD folo sini pulak,

  4. great post! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3 keep in touch!



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