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On 17/6/2013 I am officially one of students in UiTM. Guess where I am now?  

I was jumped at the chance when my sister told me that I got Diploma in Accounting Information System in UiTM, so I did double checked just to make sure it :)

Alhamdulillah , my application was successful for the June session 2013/2014. 

Its been 3 weeks now and I know its going to be tough after this. Kinda feel homesick at first because this is my first time staying away from my family especially my mom. Miss you!

Yang paling penting sekali dapat banyak kawan terutamanya kawan dari Kelantan. My first ever friend here is Wan Nabihah binti Wan Zaidi. I hope we can get along and friend till the the last semester.  

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