Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping are very common routine to do in a families and households especially for the mom. One thing when I were a child that I really love when grocery shopping is when I can get to push the trolley. And if you are lucky you can sit inside the trolley.(after you fight with your siblings) 

The things that I enjoy when grocery shopping also when the employees served samples of food or drink. You can get full by eat all those samples while shopping. This is also one of the tips when you do grocery shopping because when your stomach is full you are tend to buy less snacks or unnecessary things.

Basically when you enter the supermarket, you can see various sorts of people. There are elderly couple who walk side by side holding a basket, there are people who were meant to buy few things but somehow their trolley is overflowing. 
Maybe sometimes you can hear the noise of children crying in toys section.

In fact, depending on that person itself grocery shopping can be good or bad. Have you noticed how much you spend on the grocery shopping every month? 

So to be a good grocery shopper you must shopping with a budget. 

For instance,you must shop with a calculator. In my situation, when my mom shop my job is to add things up in our trolley because it will stick to the spending plan. 

Please do remember only buy what you need and can afford. 
All said done, the only reliable tool is prepare a shopping list and sticking to it.

I think that is all from me.
See you later. Talk soon!

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